Dreamy Nose☁️

Dreamy nose with tons of twinkling eyes, Isn’t it enticing to be a bearer of those shines!!! Are u there being formless or a huge gulp of air?? Or just being shy… who denies that you are slowly being playful with the wave…You are crossing the silly lil lines, dancing and how!!! It just Feels…


When love feels like magic, you call it destiny.. And when destiny has humour it’s called Serendepity… Do you believe in fate? “I never thought about it, will you give me your phone number” answers Jonathan to Sarah. For the third time Serendepity is on the screen. Never a single time Diksha has been off…

Hung up on the Clouds..

I see a dragonfly, moment awhile Sometimes a plane Oh I see another plane just gliding by, around in the hazy lil snow. Blue whale which crops from nowhere…I see the glaze, the sharky teeth well again I see a plane!

To the grainy grain

I came here to tell theeThe mighty little grain You dwell inhere and feed meAlongside the faith, the growling drum. How is that life starts and ends on itOr may I say the mighty thee. I came here to tell theeYou are a lightening hope and the joyful rain we see!!

Basket of Amusement💫

Indeed.. It’s a wholesome basket.. One might just keep wondering…so homie in a way…Mother earth has always and shall continue to be the best… We are in a way threaded to walk a way…walk with knowledge, care and even ignorance.. All that counts and relives in the space.. Sometimes it’s just that we too are…

The Universe

Splendid in your owngrace,You behold the matter.Joy of nature as they say, you fill them with abundance.Power in a magnificent manner..how shall we even look upto!You seem the underway, being the actual thread..’The Universe’…there are more words to it..You are Supreme in every manner… A light, ray..A hope of Life!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton